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Weekly Planning Meetings can massively accelerate your productivity!

Organization Nugget:

. It is defined as having one's affairs in order so as to deal with them efficiently. That sense of feeling “together” and like your ducks in a row can massively accelerate your productivity. One of the best ways to start becoming an organization expert if having a weekly planning meeting. Whether it’s a weekly planning meeting with yourself, your staff, or your family, making sure that all parties are 1) present, 2) aware of everyone else’s input and priorities, and 3) on board with what everyone wants to accomplish. Even if it is “JUST YOU” having a weekly planning meeting with yourself, this is still important because you might and well likely do, have health objectives you want to accomplish, but also business and personal objectives, all of which require time, planning, and dedication. Check out our sample weekly agenda template at www.Abbracciamo.com.

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