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The Story Of Abbracciamo

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Abbracciamo was born though my devastating loss of my Grandpa when I was in sixth grade. The tremendous void I felt instilled in me a passion for realizing how short life is, how vital is it to spend it with those closest to us doing the things we love and that truly make us feel alive. His legacy for me is to truly LIVE each day.

What matters is that we are living our journey exactly the way we want to, whether it be with the loved ones, family and friends that make our heart sing (PEOPLE), those fur babies or reptile loved ones that bring us joy (PETS), or hiking The Wave, traveling the globe, or training for the next marathon (PASSIONS). Living each day to its fullest and helping others do the same is my passion. THAT is what losing my amazing Grandfather taught me. I carry that lesson with me each and every day and I hope to share it with you through the exceptionally-crafted products I design.

The Story Of Abbracciamo

So kudos to the single mother, who creates a phenomenal life for her daughter, exposing her to cultures and values around the globe through her military career. Cheers to the happily married couple with three children who exemplify what it means to be a good person to their children every day. Much love to the divorcee who lost his child and his marriage and is learning to love life through passions that can make him smile again. No matter where you are in life, it is my drive and my focus to help you embrace the people, pets and passions that you hold closest to your heart.

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Abbracciamo-helping you embrace the people, pets, and passions closest to your heart

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